As a curious child, Louise started the piano at the age of 3 in Toulouse. Her early training developped her taste for the beauty of the sound. It was also as a child that she discovered the harpsichord as well as her passion for Baroque music. At the age of 15 she met the Syrian pianist Racha Arodaky, with whom a quick and strong musical and human connection was created. Soon after that decisive meeting, she chose to follow her to Paris in order to complete her musical training. Still thirsty of new experiences, she chose to move to London in order to first study at the Guildhall school of Music and Drama with Charles Owen and Katya Apekisheva, and later at the Royal Academy of Music with Ian Fountain. Alongside her classic conservatoire training, her interest In early music brought her to study harpsichord and forte piano with Maggie Cole and Carole Cerasi. Louise feels a strong sense of belonging to the next generation of pianists, actively trying to change performance practice. It is in this goal that she started a PhD programme in performance research, combining to a busy performing career, a more intellectual life of lectures and conferences. She has performed in prestigious halls such as Wigmore hall, st Martin’s in the fields, Steinway hall, Maison de Radio France, and gave lectures in Europe. She has worked as an assistant lecturer at Kings College London. She is now keen to share the early results of her research by teaching the younger generation of pianists, more specifically as a Baroque piano coach at the Royal Academy of Music.




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